Dear Ward 3 Residents and Friends,

The people of Ward 3 deserve a Council member who listens to them and respects their views. We deserve someone who has the experience, skills, and, most importantly, the good judgment to make wise choices and to exercise vigorous oversight of the actions of District departments and agencies. I believe that I can be that Council member.

I believe that every child in the District is entitled to a quality education, that quality schools are the key to keeping families in the City, and that giving every child a first-class education is a moral imperative. I will be a Council member who uses the oversight function to ensure that services, especially safety and emergency services, are performed well—all of the time. And I will insist that the District be a good steward of the people’s money, because although government is more than a business, it shouldn’t be run as less than a business.

I hope that I can count on your support in the primary and on election day.

Mary Cheh





Paid for by Mary Cheh for DC Council Committee. 3908 Morrison Street, NW 20015. Donald R. Durkee Treasurer