Students love “Professor Cheh,” not only because she is a great teacher, but also because she inspires them to care about their community. Her compassion and work ethic are infectious, and she has this uncanny ability to enlist scores of students in pro bono service. Mary is an innovative thinker and a role model who gets things done - whether providing legal assistance to the underserved, or promoting environmental improvement projects. It’s really quite impressive!”

Renee DeVigne, Dean of Student Affairs, GW Law School,* and Resident of the District of Columbia

I’ve known Mary for nearly two decades. She has worked on children’s issues ranging from after school programs to serving as a role model as a soccer coach. I’m supporting Mary because I know her as a neighbor and as a friend, and, in particular, because I know she is committed to reforming and improving the public school system.

Marlene Berlin, Public School Activist, Co-Chair, Wilson High School LSRT,* and Resident of the District of Columbia

Mary served as special counsel to the Judiciary Committee in its investigation of police handling of protests and demonstrations. As Chair of the Committee, I relied heavily on Mary’s expertise and good judgment. She was always tough, thorough, and fair. After many months, our investigation led to model legislation benefiting the police and the public. Mary’s energy and leadership, and her knowledge of the law and the legislative process, were critical to our success.

Kathy Patterson, Councilwoman, Ward 3,* and Resident of the District of Columbia

As a coach, Mary was completely dedicated to her players. It wasn’t about winning; it was always about good sportsmanship and love of the game. When Mary served on the Stoddert Board, we counted on her to clarify the issues in our discussions and to propose solutions and compromise. Whether it was drafting new rules and regulations or resolving league disputes, we always trusted her good judgment.

Graeme Bush, former Chair, Stoddert Soccer Board,* and Resident of the District of Columbia

Mary is a phenomenal friend of animals and all who love and care for them. As the Founder and Supervisor of the GW Animal Welfare Project, Mary brought together students, lawyers, community groups, activists, and government representatives to develop comprehensive animal welfare legislation that will greatly improve the lives of animals in the District. Mary’s strong leadership of this important initiative has been an outstanding example of real leadership and one of demonstrated results.

Howard Nelson, Executive Director, Washington Humane Society* and Resident of the District of Columbia

For those of you who don't know Mary Cheh, she is an awesome lady! I had a difficult time when I returned from Iraq to re-enroll at GW Law School. Constitutional Law Professor Cheh is the reason I didn't drop out. Without a doubt. She is warm, caring, hilariously funny, a true-believer in American democracy. . . and she’s absolutely brilliant. She’s also completely ethical, and she is serious about promoting the best public policy. She would be a brilliant representative for Ward 3. If you don't know her, you should get to know her. She’s amazing.

Richard Murphy, Former Student of Professor Cheh,* and Resident of the District of Columbia

Mary is one of the most effective people I know. Her thoughtful approach, good humor, and common sense naturally bring people together. I especially admire her fierce dedication to fairness, equal rights, and civil liberties. I’m just delighted that she’s running.

Nan Aron, Executive Director, Alliance for Justice,* and Resident of the District of Columbia

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